Friday, January 21, 2011

What the heck?!?! I posted something!

Ok so one of my goals this year is to keep up with my blog for journaling purposes. I'm going to honestly give it a try.

So since my last post a lot has changed. I still miss my grandparents but I'm slowly getting used to the fact they aren't here anymore. It's hard to let go sometimes and just enjoy what they left behind but Satan has a friend that I'm convinced is there to be contentious. It's just a guilt driven fight because this person missed out on a whole lifetime of greatness, love, and tons of fun from grandma and grandpa. I'd probably be that crazy too. But I'm not because I had what most of my family didn't. I had them and that is the greatest inheritance I could ever ask for.

So times flies when you're having fun!!! Well not a whole lot of fun. I got big, fat, and pregnant that wouldn't let me eat sugar or drink dr pepper. It was the longest and hardest 5 months of my life!!! The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I was finally getting my little girl!! I love her!!!

Chaselynn Paige Casey was born Sept 21, 2010. She is so cute and I just love the little miss!!! She's a very happy little thing. All Smiles! One of the sweet little blessing of her is that sometimes when she would do this half smile she looked just like my grandma buckner but with my grandma fry's attitude. lol

Life in Carlsbad has pretty good. Aside for some rocky spots it's turning out to be a great thing that we are here. I got a really good job and my boss who treats me like family is really good to me and Chaselynn gets to tag along with me. We are buying our first house because of him allowing me to work with da bebe. I can't tell you what a blessing it was for my boss to bug me 6 months at my old job to come work for him. I am very grateful for this job and i'm not sayin it just because he might read this. if he does: Travis(yeah that's my boss's name too) you are a bastard!!! lol So yeah i'm working and taking classes at night. I'll be gettin my associates next may. I'm still debating on the nursing program. i know i don't want to do that anymore but i feel i should go through with it to prove a point. but i don't know.

Seany is growing and is so smart. He just turned 4 Dec 29th. My dad is teaching him to read. I was going to but my dad asked if he could be the one to do it. I think he misses teaching. hahaha I had to bug my dad because Seany kept asking me what every stinkin sign would say and sometimes when he'd be looking through comic books he'd say ' i wish i could read so i could know what they're saying.'

My little brother came home last month from his mission. it's been really fun having him home. get this. Without even one semester of college he enrolled at NMSU-Las Cruces(NMSU Carlsbad is Awful!!! and a serisous joke) and with his AP scores they gave him 36 credits! what a blessing that is for him serving faithfully in Cali!!! way to go Uncle DAVE!!!

I can say though is life is good and hopefully continues to get better. It's been a rough couple of years and I think i'm finally getting to the end of the tunnel with this crap and ready for the next big adventure. I just hope it's a fun one and not like this last one. lol so enjoy these pics.

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